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10 Best Places to Visit in Hartford, CT — Top Activities & Places to Go!

by selena davis
Hartford CT

Hartford, Connecticut’s capital, is jam-packed with attractions and fun things to do. It also has excellent restaurants and entertainment.

Hartford grew to emerge as one of the country’s biggest and fastest-growing cities, and towards the last decade of the nineteenth century, it was the richest. Presently Hartford is noted for its ties to Mark Twain and the Beechers, and also for its pivotal role in the growth of the country.

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10 Best Places to Visit in Hartford, CT:

  1. Real Art Ways

Real Art Ways was in the fall of 1975 by a group of visual performers and musicians. It converted a huge upper room on Asylum Street in central Hartford into a basic salon where they lived, worked, and showcased the work of others. Be influenced by works produced by a few of the globe’s best artists, both current and historical. Real Artwork Means is a private social environment where people can chat and discuss art, ideas, and discourse.

  1. Wacky Walks

Wacky Walks is a scavenger quest with a royal theme. It’s akin to a board game in which power shifts from one player to the next. Instead of a board, you’ll be exploring Hartford’s streets. To complete the game, you will, of course, have your smartphone.

  1. Hartford Stage

The Hartford Stage, founded 52 years ago, is a well-known resident theater on Church Street in Hartford. It has staged more than 80 international and North American premieres. Melia Bensussen and Cynthia Rider, the new Artistic Directors, will carry on the theatre’s artistic history.

The theatre is for its daring revivals of classics as well as challenging new plays and musicals. Enjoy the art of theatre alongside your loved ones or close friends at this point. Immerse oneself in tales and exceed your highest expectations. If you enjoy classic or even contemporary plays with engaging plots, the Hartford Stage is well worth your money.

  1. Mortensen Riverfront Plaza

Mortensen Riverfront Plaza is a downtown Hartford park that serves as the hub of the Riverfront Park system. It was in 1999 in honor of William “Bill” Mortensen. His life inspires a new generation of Hartford citizens. If you’re looking for some exciting free things to do in Hartford, you’ll find many of them right here.

The plaza steps are an excellent area to work or sit and relax while watching the boats on the river. They also serve as front-row seats during the yearly dragon boat festival. You can walk down the river on one of the many walking paths. Take a boat tour of the city, or cross the Founders Bridge into East Hartford from the Plaza.

  1. Cathedral of St. Joseph

The Cathedral of St. Joseph was in 1962 to replace a destroyed Gothic Revival cathedral. This cathedral is one of Hartford’s most magnificent attractions. The infrastructure and design of this beautiful location will wow you. Aside from appreciating the cathedral from the outside, go inside and take a seat in one of the many pulpits. The most stunning colorful glass artwork you’ve ever seen will take your breath away. Inside, you’ll find the state’s largest pipe organ.

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  1. Old State House

The structure thereafter served as Hartford’s municipal hall until it was in 1915. It is the nation’s oldest state house. In a few hours, you can learn about this city’s interesting past. Strolling around and admiring the various historical antiques and artworks is a terrific way to unwind.

Enjoy the unique exhibits, artworks, and historical relics on display. Some claim that the structure is haunted, which adds to the thrill. There are organized excursions as well as self-directed tours available.

  1. Connecticut Historical Society Museum

The Connecticut Historical Society’s collections are in a Colonial Revival house owned by inventor Curtis Veeder. If you’re seeking cheap activities around you. This museum would make an ideal for an excursion with relatives, close friends, a partner, or regardless of whether you’re on an energy tour.

You’re going to learn a lot whilst enjoying a good time. Inn & Tavern Signs of Connecticut is an amazing collection that is the largest in the country.

  1. Harriet Beecher Stowe Center

The Harriet Beecher Stowe Historical Center serves as a reminder of how Harriet Harriet Rousseau lived. Lived in Hartford’s Nook Farm region from 1873 until 1896. And her restored home is next to that of fellow author Mark Twain.

If you know an activist or want to learn more about civil rights, feminism, Connecticut history, and other topics, this is a must-see this weekend. Enjoy the tour and teachings about liberty, as well as the rich history of what we are fighting for today. They even have a Kid’s Kit that provides a more hands-on experience with those stories.

  1. Bushnell Park

Bushnell Park is the country’s first sponsored park. When you’re around family, closest companions, or your partner, there’s quite a bit of stuff to do. Visit one of Hartford’s most unusual attractions. Here you’ll find the Civil War Memorial for Human Rights, the Pump House Gallery, the Israel Judd monument, as well as the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Arch.

  1. Elizabeth Park Rose Garden

Elizabeth Park Rose Garden was in 1903 on 102 acres donated by Elizabeth Pond’s husband, Charles H. Pond, to the city. There are now approximately 15,000 plants in the garden, including 800 distinct species of roses.

Although we know that the traditional wine and expensive meal is one of the most romantic things to do in Hartford for couples. A stroll around this magnificent, third-largest garden in the United States also sounds like a wonderful option. You might wish to swing by the Pond House Café, which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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