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15 Best Things To Do In Manali!

by johnwarner167
15 Best Things To Do In Manali

In the midst of the stunning scenery in Himachal Pradesh, Manali stands as a beacon to travellers looking to escape the shackles of nature’s warmth. With its pristine peaks covered in snow as well as lush valleys as well as a rich cultural tangle, the destination offers a diverse array of activities for anyone. Let’s go on a trip through the best 15 activities to enjoy in Manali tour packages for family, in this idyllic paradise, in which serenity and adventure coexist perfectly.


Rohtang Pass Exploration 

Best Places To Visit In Manali

Rohtang Pass, the entrance to the Himalayas offers an array of more than breathtaking views. When it is cold, the high-altitude beauty becomes a paradise for skiers as snowboarding and skiing dominate the scenery. When it’s summertime, the mountain transforms into a scene of lush greenery and sparkling rivers. It is an absolute must-see for its varied splendour.


Solang Valley Adventure

An easy journey from Manali takes you towards Solang Valley, a haven for those who love adventure. In the midst of snow-covered mountains, take part in thrilling activities such as paragliding, zorbing and even paragliding. The valley, pulsing from the adrenaline rush of these adventures and awe-inspiring scenery, is an ode to the splendour of nature as well as mankind’s pursuit of excitement.

Hadimba Devi Temple

Best Places To Visit In Manali

Set among the deodar tree the Hadimba Devi Temple stands as an expression of Himachal’s rich heritage and culture. It is constructed of wood, and dating in time to the ancient days, the temple emits a spiritual atmosphere. The temple is surrounded by a forest of cedar; the temple invites its visitors to relax while looking into the past of the area.


Old Manali Exploration

Best Places To Visit In Manali

Enter the maze of streets in Old Manali and discover that every turn tells a story. A quaint cafe, lively markets and a bohemian ambience are typical of this region of the town. It’s a place that makes time seem to be slowing down and allows tourists to get lost in the artistic ambience which is the essence of Manali’s Old Manali.

Manu Temple Visit

Best Places To Visit In Manali

Set on top of one of the hills situated on a hill, the Manu Temple provides not only an unobstructed view of the surroundings but also a spiritual encounter. The temple is dedicated to the sage Manu and his temple, it invites meditation in the quiet and offers a time of connecting with nature as well as old-fashioned wisdom.

Vashisht Hot Water Springs

Best Places To Visit In Manali

The natural hot springs that flow from Vashisht and set amidst the lush greenery of emeralds, provide the perfect opportunity to relax. If you’re looking to relax or rejuvenate, taking a bath in these hot springs is an absolute must, as it allows your body to be relaxed in the unspoiled beauty of this region.

Journey through Beas Kund

Trek to Beas Kund Lake, near Manali | Prashant Ram | Flickr

For those who are drawn to excitement, the trek towards Beas Kund is a journey to the heart of the Himalayas. While ascending to the top, perspectives of Beas Kund, the Beas River and the Dhauladhar Range are revealed, forming an exquisite tapestry that leaves a permanent impression upon the spirit of each trekker.

Nehru Kund

Best Places To Visit In Manali

Named after India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, Nehru Kund is much more than just a natural spring. It’s a peaceful oasis perfect for picnics that are peaceful. The spring is surrounded by large deodars. The spring invites guests to take in the beauty and the beauty that nature offers.

Naggar Castle

File:Naggar Castle, Manali.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

The Naggar Castle which was the place of residence for Raja Sidh Singh, provides a glimpse of the region’s architecture and artistic heritage. The castle’s high location offers breathtaking views as well as across and across the Kullu Valley, creating a serene setting for exploration and admiration.

River Rafting at Beas

Himachal Pradesh | White Water Rafting in River Beas - Malan… | Flickr

Quench your desire for adventure by taking an exciting river rafting adventure along the Beas River. The section of the river between Pirdi as well as Jhiri is a fantastic playground with adrenaline-filled rapids for novices as well as experienced rafters. This is a great opportunity to raft the waves and immerse yourself in the river’s dynamic energy.

Jogini Falls Hike

Best Places To Visit In Manali

Get lost in the midst of nature on a walk towards Jogini Falls. Through apple orchards and thick forests, the trek up to the waterfall is equally as beautiful as the location itself. Jogini Falls, cascading gracefully, offers a tranquil background for contemplation and appreciation of the beauty of nature.

Tibetan Monasteries Exploration

Best Places To Visit In Manali

Manali’s rich cultural tapestry is inextricably linked to Tibetan influences. Exploring these Tibetan monasteries offers the chance to explore this rich tradition. Participate in prayer services, observe exquisite craftsmanship as well and let the mystical atmosphere of these monasteries touch your spirit.

Manali Wildlife Sanctuary

File:Van Vihar Manali.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Nature lovers will be able to find peace in this Manali Wildlife Sanctuary, a refuge for the diverse flora as well as fauna. In the beautiful landscapes, you will encounter animals like the Himalayan tahr, the musk deer and the vivacious monal pheasant. This is a trip into the heart of the Himalayan biodiversity.

Shopping on Mall Road

File:Manali Mall Market vrtmrgmpksk (4).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Indulge your senses in the lively atmosphere that is Mall Road, Manali’s bustling market. From traditional Himachali crafts to fashionable winter clothes, the shops at Mall Road offer an array of delightful items for souvenirs as well as local merchandise. The shopping experience mixes cultural exposure with shopping.

Gulaba Village

Visit Gulaba: The Snow Paradise in Kullu (2023)

Enjoy the tranquil and easy Gulaba Village. It is a gem hidden in Manali and Rohtang Pass. The village is situated in the middle of apple orchards and is surrounded by stunning beauty. The town offers an ideal escape from city life. It’s an excellent method to connect with the rustic living in Himachal.



Manali and the many choices offer visitors the chance to experience the various levels of adventure, culture and beauty. If you are searching for the excitement of the mountains the tranquillity of old temples, or the wealth of the rich cultural heritage in Tibetan Monasteries, Manali offers an array of activities. Indulge yourself in the wonders of this stunning hill city and let the mountain ranges, rivers and their rich culture cast the magic of Manali over your mind, leaving memories that you will keep for a time.

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