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A Holistic Method to Exporting Data from Offline EDB to PST

The expert recommended the GainTools EDB to PST converter as the enterprise featuring the most effective algorithm, which is user-friendly for both novice and experienced customers.

by lewog

Examine the blog post detailing the process of exporting offline EDB to an attachment-containing PST file or another format. Acquire knowledge of the process by which EDB files can be extracted to PST while they are in inactive mode. The following are the appropriate benefits of conversion.

Underlying the EDB is an exchange server. A vault of EDB files is maintained on the exchange server, which is a single-user server application. An extensible storage engine is employed to retrieve data from the EDB. The Holistic Method to Exporting Data from Offline EDB to PST.

The databases containing mailbox information, such as complete files (folders, email messages, attachments, calendars, contacts, etc.), are stored on the Exchange server. It is universally acknowledged that default locations for files vary across different versions. The EDB database is classified as a MAPI-based database because it stores message files sent via the MAPI Protocol, such as Outlook. The term used to refer to the deplane database of the MS Exchange Server is “offline EDB file.” Additionally, offline EDB files exist if users have a distinct Exchange database file on their local computer.


Conversely, the EDB file can become compromised and corrupted due to a multitude of frequent causes, including but not limited to human error, malicious software, and failure of the exchange server caused by improper termination, hard drive errors, and file size errors. Re-mounting the inactive EDB file to the Exchange database server is not possible.

In this section, we will convert offline Exchange EDB files or dismounted offline EDB files to the implementable PST converter file format using software techniques. Create offline EDB files and users.

To manually export data from offline EDB to PST, perform the following:

  • Mount the EDB file offline. Launch the Exchange Management Shell and enter the following command to accomplish this:

Database -Identity <File_Path> Mount-Database -Only Activation Replace <EDB_File_Path> with the offline EDB file’s path.

  • PST files should be used to export the inboxes from the offline EDB file. Utilize the New-MailboxExportRequest cmdlet to accomplish this. To illustrate, the subsequent command will export user john. doe’s mailbox to a PST file denoted as john.doe.pst:

PST_File_Path> New-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox john.doe -FilePath

Replace <PST_File_Path> with the PST file path from which the mailbox data to be exported is extracted.

  • Unmount the EDB file offline. To accomplish this, execute the command below:

Database Dismount -Identity EDB_File_Path>

After detaching the offline EDB file, the PST files can be accessed in Outlook to retrieve the mailbox data.

It is vital to generate a backup of the offline EDB file before exporting the mailboxes from the file. This is because improper execution of the export procedure may result in EDB file corruption.

The following are supplementary suggestions for manually exporting data from offline EDB to PST:

  • When exporting a substantial quantity of mailboxes, you can generate multiple export requests using the New-MailboxExportRequest cmdlet. This feature enables the mailboxes to be exported concurrently, potentially leading to enhanced performance.
  • The -BatchName parameter can be utilized to collect export requests in a batch. This can be beneficial for export process management and monitoring.
  • The -Status parameter can be employed to ascertain the current state of export requests.
  • You can resume an export from the point where it failed by specifying the -StartAfter parameter if an export request fails.

You can export the data from the offline EDB file to PST files using a third-party EDB to PST converter application if you are not comfortable using the Exchange Management Shell.

Utilize the Exporting Data from Offline EDB to PST

The expert recommended the GainTools EDB to PST converter as the enterprise featuring the most effective algorithm, which is user-friendly for both novice and experienced customers. With a few straightforward steps, users can export the offline exchange database from the default location on their computer to the Outlook PST. This remarkable application possesses the ability to transform between public and private inboxes. We shall now initiate the EDB database conversion procedure.

This software features both comprehensive and quick scan options, allowing users to repair .edb files in conjunction with .edb. The extraordinary, ultramodern dual-mode option recovers the corrupted file from the Exchange database server with ease. Users of the EDB are not required to be concerned regarding the deletion of databases or inboxes permanently in any version of Exchange (2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010). In addition, this application supports the export of mailbox contents and items (including contacts, mail, tasks, journals, shared, disconnected, archive, and legacy) to the Live Exchange Server. Additionally, it supports a variety of file formats, including PST, MSG, EML, and MBOX.

The Appropriate Procedure for Exporting an Offline EDB Mailbox to a PST File

  • To upload EDB files, select the Add EDB icon from the ribbon bar.
  • After selecting Export Multiple, select Outlook PST Files.
  • Proceed by navigating through the subfolders.
  • Create a new Outlook PST or select an existing one.
  • Proceed to Next if you are not employing a filter that considers the message class and date
  • Tap the Finish button when the conversion process is complete.

The verdict

In conclusion, users ought to comprehend the rationale behind resolving this issue manually as opposed to utilizing specialized software. Because of the data constraints of the intuitive solution, the lack of a filter option, the lack of an explanation, and the impossibility of guaranteeing a faultless outcome. Users risk losing access to a key database. As a result, for the protection of users’ data, we have implemented the EDB to PST converter software and are attempting to save users time by providing the automated software. Currently, the offline EDB can be exported to PST format in an instant. Remaining in this position is the sole means of avoiding the tedious. The conversion process is dependable for both novice and experienced users. Users can confidently rely on the highest-rated software for converting EDB to PST. Therefore, we consistently recommend the converter utility.

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