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Come for the Beatles, Stay for the Brilliant Seafood – Liverpool’s Tastiest Restaurants

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Liverpool is a city famous for many things – its football, The Beatles, and its maritime history. But one aspect that is often overlooked is Liverpool’s fantastic seafood restaurants. With an abundance of fresh seafood right on its doorstep, Liverpool has some of the best seafood restaurants in the UK.

Seafood restaurants Liverpool Offer Fresh Local Catch

One of the best things about eating seafood in Liverpool is just how fresh it is. The city’s docks provide a constant supply of fish and shellfish straight off the boats and onto the plates of diners. Restaurants proudly champion locally caught produce, with menus changing daily based on what has been caught that morning. From Atlantic cod to sea bass, expect only the freshest and highest quality seafood restaurant Liverpool have to offer.

Enjoy Classic Fish and Chips By The Docks

No trip to Liverpool is complete without tucking into the classic British staple of fish and chips. Many chippies and seafood restaurants cluster around the city’s docks, providing the perfect opportunity to enjoy freshly fried haddock or cod after a bracing walk along the waterfront. Pair it with mushy peas and tartare sauce for a truly authentic Scouse experience.

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Seafood restaurants Liverpool Offer Global Influences

Although Liverpool excels at traditional English-style seafood, many of the city’s top restaurants showcase seafood from around the world. You can find paella laden with juicy prawns, Asian-inspired salmon, Portuguese seafood rice, and much more. This diversity reflects Liverpool’s historic ties with seafaring and its ongoing multiculturalism. It means seafood lovers are thoroughly spoiled for choice.

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Indulge In Local Specialties

In addition to classics like fish and chips, Liverpool has some unique local seafood specialties to sample. Scouse, a hearty lamb or beef stew, is often served with mussels or cockles to add a briny twist. Or try a “smokie” – hot smoked haddock served in a rich creamy sauce on toast. Liverpudlians also love their prawns, with juicy North Atlantic prawns featuring in starters, sandwiches and more.

Top Seafood Restaurants Liverpool Locals Recommend

Looking for the best of the best seafood restaurants Liverpool has to offer? Here are three must-visit spots as recommended by locals in the know:


This award-winning Spanish restaurant serves tapas bursting with seafood flavours. Their massive paellas are filled with succulent king prawns, mussels, and calamari. Don’t miss the char-grilled octopus either. With a bustling atmosphere and delicious cuisine, it’s easy to see why Lunya is a Liverpool institution.


For exquisite Japanese-inspired seafood, check out Etsu in Liverpool’s historic Royal Albert Dock. Their sushi is some of the city’s best, with creative options like their Liverpool roll (salmon, cream cheese and black pudding). Seafood small plates, Asian-influenced mains, and specialty cocktails round out the menu at this trendy spot.

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The Monro

This gastropub puts a modern twist on seaside classics. Their extensive menu ranges from oysters, to lobster, to locally caught whole sea bass baked in sea salt. With a hip but laidback vibe, the Monro is perfect for a relaxed yet refined meal featuring the best of Liverpool’s seafood bounty.

Planning Your Own Seafood Feast

From fine dining to more casual bites, Liverpool has no shortage of excellent seafood restaurants to entice every palate. When planning your visit, consider staying near the Albert Dock where many top seafood restaurants cluster. Visit the docks in the morning to watch the fishing boats come in, then enjoy the day visiting Liverpool’s many attractions before sitting down to a seafood dinner at one of the city’s outstanding restaurants. A Seafood restaurants Liverpool holiday promises the best of Scouse culture paired with incredible local seafood – so start planning your food-focused getaway today.

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Liverpool may be synonymous with The Beatles, but its seafood restaurants also deserve fame and recognition. The constant supply of fresh catches coming into its bustling docks means Liverpool excels in serving up local seafood, both through traditional fish and chips as well as global influences. By visiting renowned restaurants like Lunya, Etsu, and The Monro, seafood aficionados can experience the city’s unique maritime flavors. Liverpool has brilliant attractions, but its seafood alone is worth crossing the pond for.


What types of seafood can I expect to find in Liverpool restaurants?

Liverpool restaurants serve a wide variety of fresh local seafood like cod, haddock, sea bass, salmon, mussels, Atlantic prawns, and more. Oysters and lobster also feature on menus at higher-end establishments.

Where are the best spots to eat seafood along Liverpool’s docks?

Some great seafood restaurants clustered around Liverpool’s docks area include Lunya, Etsu, The Monro, Maggie May’s, and The Baltic Fleet. Wandering along the Albert Dock provides ample opportunities to pop into establishments for seafood.

Should I make reservations at popular seafood restaurants in Liverpool?

Yes, reservations are recommended, especially at some of Liverpool’s most in-demand seafood restaurants like Lunya. Calling ahead or booking online will ensure you get a table at busy times. Weekday lunch reservations are easier to come by.


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