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Things You Need To Know Before Creating a Business Website

by Alayaweber
CPA Certification

Having your website, nowadays, is very important for your business, and brand even if you are a professional. A website works like a shop window, but digital, which allows you to offer your proposal and thus connect with your clients and potential clients.

What is a website for?

A website, in addition to serving as a sales platform and a display of your products/services, transmits the values ​​of transparency, reliability, and fundamental aspects that must be communicated today. The confidence that the client has will define the possibility of purchase.

Having a website for the sake of having one is not the point, the important thing is that it is pleasant and functional for the user, for that reason, the design must be harmonious and agile for navigation. The next question is: How much does it cost me to have my website?

It depends on the type of website that your business needs, the websites are adaptable and flexible to each brand, business, and need, which is why there are different types on the market, depending on your objectives and your business model.


Websites are essential to publicizing your business

To build a website you have two ways, do it yourself or hire an expert on the subject to help you in its development. If you are going to create it, you can use a web hosting plan or a web page creator

Now, if you don’t know much about the subject, it would be advisable for you to contact a specialist for its development.

The website is your face of presentation to that person who is looking for your proposal, the first impression is what counts.


What types of websites exist?

There is a wide variety, and each type pursues different purposes, among them, we can find:

Institutional website

This is a simple website, where the history of the company, its services/products, the staff, and its location is told, and contact information is offered, using a form.


Online store or e-commerce

This is a business website with greater development since it implies the existence of a shopping cart, the user’s login to make the purchase directly through the web, and a payment platform. This can be an online shopping website for animal or pet food.



This is a blog that offers relevant content to the user. Having a blog is an excellent content management and SEO strategy.


Landing page

They are mostly used for capturing leads. In these, a specific product/service is promoted and the user is asked for their data. Landing pages are those used to redirect the user when they click on an online advertising campaign.

You now have an overview of the web options that exist! Without a doubt, you can find other types, because website development is so flexible that it can be adapted to the needs of each brand.

Once you have defined the type of website, it is time to think about whether you can develop it yourself or need help from an expert.


Key factors to know:

Every website, to function and do so correctly, needs certain essential components that will be the foundations of that digital window and therefore will guarantee its correct performance. They are:

  • Hosting
  • Domain
  • Website Design
  • SSL Certificate

What you should keep in mind is that both hosting and the domain have an annual cost.



Hosting, in addition to being the place where the website is hosted, is responsible for its performance, that is, whether it is slow or fast, if it crashes, for errors in operation, among other aspects.

For this reason, so that your website is always active and does not go offline, it is essential to choose a hosting that is safe, responsible, reliable, and offers 24-hour support.

Also, there are many options on the market, to select the correct one, it is important to obtain advice and consult beforehand.



It refers to the address with which our clients will find us on the network. Also, the domain should be short, easy to remember, and associated with our brand. In this sense, you can opt for various .com, .net,.us, and other global domains.


Web page design

Regarding the design of your website, it must be functional, aesthetic, consistent with your brand image, and above all safe for the user, this is where the SSL Security Certificate comes in. This certificate is responsible for providing trust to the user who is browsing your website.

Returning to the design, it is possible to create it from a template, adapting and customizing it based on your preferences.

Deciding to have a website is essential for this time and is not as difficult, nor as expensive, as we have seen. It is as we always say, it is an investment that will undoubtedly pay off by enhancing brand reputation, building customer loyalty, and at the same time increasing your sales.

Do you need a website? We can help you get that website you are imagining, contact us at Digital Specialist. Also, don’t forget to check other news and interesting articles here.

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