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Why Gaur Yamuna City deserves the attention of every investor

by realtyasistant

The real estate hotspot in the National Capital Region keeps changing its epicentre every now and then. This trend in the real estate industry depends on several factors: market demand, the economy, and growth opportunity. 

However, for a regular investor in NCR, Gaur Yamuna City must be a familiar name. And why not? It deserves all the attention of investors, especially those looking to invest in the National Capital Region. 

Nevertheless, if you are a new investor or looking to invest in NCR, you might think about what makes Gaur Yamuna City so unique. 

Hence, in this blog today, we have integrated all the reasons that make Gaur Yamuna City so special. 

Gaur Yamuna City: The Destination Next

Spread over more than a million square meters on the Yamuna Expressway, Gaur Yamuna City is a world of its own. An integrated, self-sustained township has something for every investor. 

With more than ten different real estate projects currently on track, the township offers a wide range of investment options. No matter if you are looking for a studio apartment in Yamuna Expressway or a Villa in Gaur Yamuna City, you have all the options. 

You get everything you need for a modern lifestyle with wide roads, schools, a garden, an artificial lake, high street retail, and shopping complexes. 


Gaur Yamuna City is strategically located and has a promising future in terms of infrastructure development. Affordability is not a concern since plot rates in Gaur Yamuna City are quite competitive compared to other properties in nearby cities of Delhi and Gurugram. 

Reasons that make Gaur Yamuna City the top destination


  • Located right on the Yamuna Expressway, which connects Delhi to cities like Mathura and Agra. 
  • Strategically placed near top investment hotspots that will create many job opportunities. 
  • Just 25-minute drive from the new Noida International Airport.

Promising Connectivity- 

  • Metro Rail connecting the NCR to Noida International Airport will have a station very close to Gaur Yamuna City for faster connectivity. 
  • Pod Taxis to be set up connecting the Film City to the airport will pass through Gaur Yamuna City. 
  • Bust Rapid Transit will ease transportation within nearby destinations on the Yamuna Expressway.
  • Easy connectivity to all over the world, with an international airport being very close to it.
  • The six-lane Yamuna Expressway will connect the township to Delhi and Agra.

Secured Investment-

  •  All the developments in Gaur Yamuna City are RERA-approved
  • YEIDA looks upon all the real estate developments in regions across the Yamuna Expressway. 
  • Gaur Yamuna City is brought to you by the Gaurson Group, a renowned name in the real estate industry. 

Infrastructure Development-

There are a ton of different infrastructure developments in place by both private developers and the governing body. Some of the key infrastructure development in the area is-

  • India’s first and only International Racing Circuit- Buddh International Circuit
  • Textile Park
  • Noida International Cricket Stadium
  • Olympic Village
  • Data centres hosting the world’s top tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. 

Future Demand-

The population of the region is said to reach around four million in the next ten to fifteen years. This is due to massive job creation that is set to happen on Yamuna Expressway once the manufacturing units and IT parks start their operations. Once that happens, there will be a huge tenant demand for rental, and investors can enjoy steady rental incomes along with capital appreciation. 


This does not only go well for Villas in Gaur Yamuna City but also for commercial studio apartments in Yamuna Expressway since, with the increasing population, there will be a demand for services and recreational centres. This will boost the local economy of the area and bring high growth possibilities.  


  • Villas in Gaur Yamuna City are much more affordable when compared to nearby cities like Delhi and Gurugram. 
  • Many housing schemes run by the government make sure that lower and middle-income groups get benefits and lesser interest on home loans. 
  • Gaur Yamuna City is still evolving and offers heavy discounts to investors making an early investment. 

Different Investment Options in Gaur Yamuna City

As an integrated township, Gaur Yamuna City has it all. There are many different investment options investors can choose from, be it commercial or residential. 

Here are some of the options if you are looking for a commercial property and Studio Apartment on Yamuna Expressway:

  • Gaur Aero Suite
  • The Hub
  • Gaur Aerocity
  • Commercial Plots

Some of the residential investment options in Gaur Yamuna City are-

  • Gaur Krishna Vilas
  • Gaur Victoria Villas
  • Gaur Aero Villas
  • 7th Parkview residential plot


These projects offer different settings like plots, apartments, flats, villas, and studio apartments. Hence, as an investor, you have the upper hand to choose the best property of your choice and make a suitable investment based on your goals and plans. 

Rise in nearby micromarkets

A lot of rising micro markets like the Jewar Airport, Yamuna Expressway, and Greater Noida surround Gaur Yamuna City. These markets are bound to create many new job opportunities and increase the population of the area in the next few years. 

When completely ready, plot rates in Gaur Yamuna City will increase and give great capital appreciation. The township is designed to host around thirty thousand residents and attract a footfall of five lack on a regular basis. Hence, investing in a studio apartment on Yamuna Expressway will also be a great option to get your business up and running. 

Some of the emerging Micro Markets around Gaur Yamuna City are

  • Jewar International Airport
  • Yamuna Expressway
  • Greater Noida
  • Data Centers
  • IT and Business Parks.


Gaur Yamuna City is the hottest destination for all your real estate investments in the National Capital Region. 

An integrated, self-sufficient, state-of-the-art township offers great amenities, facilities, and everything you need to live in peace. Placed strategically, the township is just twenty-five minutes drive from the upcoming Noida International Airport and in close proximity to the future employment and educational hubs. 

With promising infrastructural development and great future connectivity through road, rail, and air, business in Gaur Yamuna City will be robust. 

If affordability is your concern, plot rates in Gaur Yamuna City are pretty competitive, and there are many schemes and discounts available to make your investment easy and secure. Also, all the developments along the township are looked upon on YEIDA and are RERA-registered. 

The rising housing demand and the race to buy real estate near the upcoming Jewar Airport are rapidly increasing. Hence, the land rates on the Yamuna Expressway have increased by up to forty percent in the last three years. Thus, if you want to buy a studio apartment in Yamuna Expressway, now is the time to make the investment. 

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